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    Creating beautiful and functional applications

    Assisting several companies worldwide with gorgeous app design and development solutions

Over 10 Years of Experience in the Online Design Industry


Mascot Logo Design

Often colorful, sometimes cartoonish, and most always fun, the mascot logo is a great way to create your very own brand spokesperson. A mascot is simply an illustrated character that represents your company. Think of them as the ambassador for your business.

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Illustrative Design

If you want to create a work of art – illustrative logos are the best fit as it contains intricate artwork. It will act as a trendy as well as contemporary image of your brand and keep the viewers attention longer than the traditional logo design. We at Logo Founders use latest tools and technology to create a remarkable illustrative logo for your brand.

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Wordmark Design

Create your professional wordmark logo with Logo Founders . It is a pure form of logo and a text-only representation of your brand – which makes it a good choice for start-ups and accelerating businesses that are seeking a static and no-hassle solution. We allow full customization to create your own wordmark logo design to enhance your brand visibility.

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3D Design

If you’re looking for a modern style logo – our 3-Dimensional logo designs will serve you best. We specialize in making 3D logos which reflects your brand in an attractive way. With our abundant 3D logo designs – enjoy the rewards of attracting a large number of clients as your audience will be able to experience look and feel of your business. Ping us now and let’s add some dimensions to your boring logo designs.

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Abstract Design

Abstract logo designs also known as smart logos is a mix of pictures, typography and shapes. A lot of organizations today use abstract logos for their businesses. They are usually used as a conceptual strategy to represent your business idea. It also allows you to exhibit different functions of your company. Join hands with Logo Founders to create your abstract logo that reflects an unclear vision of your business – so that you can play safe in your business operations.

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Letter Logo Design

Letter Marks are solely typographic. They use a symbol representing the company through the use of its initials or the brands first letter. Many corporations choose to use this kind of logo as their initials can be graphically illustrated in a better manner.

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Pictorial Mark

A pictorial mark (sometimes called a brand marks or logo symbol) is an icon, or graphic-based design. A true brand mark is only an image. Because of this, it can be a tricky logo type for new companies, or those without strong brand recognition, to use.

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Logo Design Solutions

Making a great impression on the first glance is a sign of excellent customer communication.
Looking for logo designers to design logo online? Well, look no further. We’re a logo design company that
focuses on the perfect first impression.

Web Design Solutions

Making a great impression on the first glance is a sign of excellent customer communication.
Looking for logo designers to design logo online? Well, look no further. We’re a logo design company that
focuses on the perfect first impression.

Application Design and Development Services

Assisting corporations from every region globally with application design and development solutions. We aim to give unique ideas the shape that they deserve with top notch application design and development solutions being provided globally to entrepreneurs, start-ups and multinationals. We love working with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

  • iOS App Design and Development
  • Android App Design and Development
  • Windows App Design and Development
  • Hybrid App Design and Development
  • Application Maintenance Services
  • Startup Application Assistance

We’ve Got a Proven Formula
for Success to Guarantee Results for Our Clients

If it isn’t a 100% then it isn’t enough for us. To ensure each project is
getting nothing but the best, we make sure we follow a set of rules that
keep us on track in terms of results.


Your unique idea is the most important aspect of your application. It defines how different your application is going to be which is why it is the initial step to our process.


Designing and developing your idea is the next most important step that we focus on to create an app that stands out from all of its competitors and makes a mark on the audience.


Delivering perfection is what our team aims for, mainly why we focus on quality assurance and bug fixes before the final delivery to make sure you get nothing but the best.

Design & Develop The Next Big Mobile Application

We always emphasize simplifying processes in order to take an optimum route that inevitably results in a lean production phase with our sights ultimately set on robust structure and scalability. With impressive results envisioned from the start, we work backwards from this point in order to ensure we trace out all essentials as well as other components we may need to add as deemed suitable.

Our Work Process

Design Brief

Solutions That Make The World Revolve

Our team of experts focus on client and customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal for our projects.
This is one of the many reasons why our work is globally acclaimed and recognized.

01. 24/7 Client

We’re always in contact with our clients keeping them in loop with everything that our team is working on.

02. Goal-Oriented

Our team focuses mostly on achieving targets and creating results that directly affect the ROI of the project.

03. 100% Ownership

We work side by side with clients at all times and provide them 100% ownership rights after the project is complete.

04. Secure Money Back Guarantee

Even though we have a 97% satisfaction rate, we provide our customers with a secure money back guarantee.

05. Renowned and Recognized Experts

Our team of experts have made its mark all over the industry and has worked with some of the biggest corporations worldwide.

Numbers That Move Mountains

When we say we aim for the best, we definitely mean we set it as our goal to make a change and move mountains with the projects we do.
Reach us today with your project goals and join hands to design excellence.

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What our customers say about us

Logo Founders provided me with just what I needed.

A great website that focuses on my products and provides friendly user interface.

Jessica Williams, Owner

Provided an identity that has impressed all our customers.

The logo speaks volume and have received numerous appreciations for it. The impact is profound and we are enjoying the success.

Jeffery-Houston, TX

A job really well done by the Logo Founders team.

What I liked most was the professionalism right from the moment design consultant contacted us till project delivery. We at Quick Check love the new logo and are excited with our new identity

Linda J Schroeder

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